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How the Fusion Drive on the New iMac and Mac mini will Work

UPDATE: Confirmed

Apple’s new Fusion Disk technology sounds amazing. It combines fast Flash or SSD storage with the more space abundant HDD but there is some confusion on how this will work. Many people are comparing it to hybrid SSD drives that have been available for some time that basically cache a small amount (less than 8GB) of data to the SSD part of the drive. That means it keeps 2 copies of data that it thinks you are going to use for faster access. The small amount of size means that not much can be cached and it would constantly be copying and deleting the files onto the SSD and as benchmarks have proven, not really give you a performance boost. The new Fusion Disk is going to work completely different.

During the presentation, Apple showed the insides of the new iMac that clearly point out a full size 3.5″ HDD and on the left side the Flash memory. The Flash may be a card like what is used in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro w/ Retina or soldered on. Phil Schiller I think mistakenly said that both the flash and the HDD were part of the same part but they are clearly separate from the layout.

In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, CoreStorage was added as a new way for Mac OS to handle the storage systems. Most people are not using CoreStorage unless you are using FileVault 2 in Lion or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The way it works is CoreStorage actually creates a virtual disk on top of the physical disk and then presents it to the operating system. I have FileVault turned on on multiple disks and using the command diskutil cs list in the terminal you can see how it looks.

CoreStorage took some physical space from the actual hard drive and created a Logical Volume Group. Inside that group you have physical volumes. Right now, this is just a single physical volume. Under the LVG you have the Logical Volume Family and finally the Logical Volume, the thing you actually see in the finder as your HDD.

What the Fusion Drive process is going to do is create a LVG with both the Flash Memory and the HDD and combine them into a single Logical Volume that you will see in the Finder. Behind the scenes, CoreStorage will automatically place any system files on the Flash storage along with your most used files for faster access. Anything else will be stored on the physical HDD storage without you needing to know what files are where. But, rest assured, when you go to your Documents or Pictures folder, it will be there just like you left it.


Apple to Stream Live Video of ‘iPad Mini’ Media Event to Apple TV


Apple used to stream events all the time until the mid-2000’s. They have done it once, I think, in the last couple years. Sucks that I am in China and it starts at 1 AM here.


‘Carmageddon’ for iOS? Yes please. And it’s free, you say?

‘Carmageddon’ for iOS? Yes please. And it’s free you say? Total nostalgia remembering driving onto a football field and slaughtering people.


Who still says “DVD release”? Digital release? That sounds sort of disgusting.


New colorful iPod ad a response to Nokia’s boasting about having colorful phones

This CNET article claimes that Apple’s newly released commercial is a response to Nokia making fun of Apple’s lack of color options for the iPhone. What it doesn’t say is that Nokia posted this ad on October 2nd but Apple first showed this commercial at last months iPhone and iPod even on September 12th.

Also, it was Apple that introduced color as popular options for consumer electronics way back starting with the iMac. Colors were also available with the iPod Mini, the second generation and onward Nanos and the second generation and onward Shuffles. And now the new iPod Touches also come in many color options. Where does anyone get off complaining about Apple’s lack of color?


Use Cases for All Current iPods

iPod Classic – Fill with your entire music collection and stick in the glovebox for your dock connector equipped car stereo.

iPod Shuffle – The ultimate iPod for runners who what to clip it on and go.

iPod Nano – ?

iPod Touch – Gift for teens and pre-teens who want to enjoy the Apple ecosystem of apps, music, movies, tv show, and iMessage without the monthly contracts of an iPhone.

The iPod Nano is now in a category I can’t explain. It has a touch screen and a home button but does not run iOS and can not run any apps other than what is pre-loaded. Its too small for watching videos and the touch screen is not a good option for the gym in my experience.

As others have pointed out, this may be a way of distinguishing its self from a future iPhone connected wristwatch which the previous Nano resembled. Apple even stated that a board member was going to wear the previous model as a watch which ignited a huge third party explosion of watch straps to wear the Nano.

So why the new Nano?

Fake Microsoft Employees try and Phish Over the Phone

My friend got a call from these people a couple weeks ago. He toyed with them too long and the representative finally hung up.