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Selling with Fulfilled by Amazon is a HUGE waste of time and money

February 23, 2013

Amazon and its customer screwed me. I bought a refurbished Apple Thunderbolt Display in November for 829$ plus shipping and taxes. For my own reasons I decided that I needed to get a Cinema Display instead so I bought a new Cinema Display and decided I was going to sell my Thunderbolt Display.

On January 27th I signed up for a Amazon Seller account and for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). I listed my Thunderbolt Display for sale and shipped the item to Amazon for about 8 bucks. The monitor was in the absolute most perfect condition it could be in. Packed in the original box from apple, wiped of any finger prints, and even put all the plastic aluminum cover and soft body covers back on so the buyer would basically be opening it for the first time.

On February 4th I received and email that the the item was sold and was shipped to the buyer in Chicago. I was happy that it was just a fast, smooth process. I saw that I would receive my money from Amazon in about 21 days.

Today, February 22nd, I awoke to an email saying that a refund has been issued for the item. No other information was given in the email or or Amazon’s seller website.

Using Amazon’s seller website I contacted seller support. I asked a lot of questions about the process and what was happening. I was told that the reason given for the return is that the buyer did not want the item. At this point I was pretty annoyed and asked how that can be a reason for returns. I was told that Amazon offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

I then asked what the process was for selling the item again. She told me that Amazon will not re-sell the item because the customers opened it. I have to create a removal order to have the item shipped back to me which can take 10-14 days just for processing and would cost me .50. She then said I can re-list the item and send it back to Amazon after I receive it.

I told the representative about how the monitor was in pristine condition and asked what happens if the buyer used the item for 15 days, beat it and the packaging up then returned it. She said I have no recourse and it is just the chance you take when you sell through FBA. I then asked “so, there is absolutely NO seller protection?” and she replied, “Correct”.

So, after all of this I was charged:
8.44 to ship the display to Amazon
36.29 for FBA fees

Now, when looking at the FBA inventory after I chose to have the item returned to me I see a “Fee Preview” with the following fees:
46.32 for a Referral fee
4.00 for pick and pack
17.71 for a weight handling fee.

I don’t know if I will be charged that last set of fees yet or not.Needless to say, I AM NOT HAPPY. This has been a colossal waste of time, energy, money and maybe even more money, time and energy.



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