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How to Delete Photo Stream Photos from iCloud and iOS 5 (Updated)

December 13, 2011

Update: Looks like iOS 5.1 beta 2, recently released to Devs, will allow users to individually delete photos from the Photo Stream on your iOS devices. This is a big change from having to reset your entire stream using the website. 

With the release of iOS 5 and iCloud Apple introduced Photo Stream (or is it PhotoStream?). Photo Stream allows you to take a picture with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and have it automatically upload to iCloud so all your devices can see it. The problem so far with Photo Stream is that there has been no way to delete photos from there. UPDATED BELOW

Apple will delete photos automatically from Photo Stream after 30 days or after 1000 pictures but If I want to delete everything there is a way to do it on, although non functional as of yet. 

To reset your Photo Stream, login to and click on your name on the top right corner by the Sign Out button.










Then Click on Advanced.











Click Reset Photo Stream.











The Confirm by clicking the Reset button.











This process does not seem to be working yet but should be implemented soon. Hopefully there will also be a way to remove individual pictures from Photo Stream in the future. On Second Look, It does work, See update below. 



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