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The Best Business Plans Are Based Off Apple Rumors

November 11, 2011

So, the Sony CEO has told the WSJ that they are working on a new form of TV to combat Apple. What kind of lunacy is this? Apple has been rumored to be working on either an update to the Apple TV or a new Television set with a new interface. Steve Jobs had eluded to this him self with quotes from the biography on his life. Why is it that so many companies want to compete with Apple before they even announce any plans for a product?

Tablet and PC manufacturers did this in early 2009 before the debut of the iPad. Apple was RUMORED to be working on a tablet device. Companies raced to get some kind of Windows based tablets to the market for CES and before Apple. HP even went as far as to call their (never released to consumers) tablet the HP Slate. This was in response to rumors that Apple was going to call their tablet the iSlate. 

The market for new TV technologies is going to be booming soon, if someone can get it right. So far, no one has succeeded with Apple declaring the Apple TV a “hobby” and Google TV being a huge flop. I hope that someone can come around and change the industry for the better and allow us to watch and pay for what we want. 


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