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A La Carte Cable for $47? Sign Me Up

November 11, 2011

How many channels do you really watch and how much do you pay? Rogers, a telecommunications company in Canada, is offering a la carte cable starting at around $47. This includes 86 standard channels and 15 of your very own choosing. You can also upgrade to 20 or 30 of your own choosing for a higher fee.

A la carte channels may be the cable industry’s only hope to combat the move to online video, yet they are dragging their feet and still making people pay for 300 channels they don’t give a crap about. There is no technical reason that digital cable and satellite companies do not offer a la carte programming other than money. They want to charge you big packages that you don’t want just to get the few channels you do want. 

Hopefully other companies will follow suit because we need this. So, if you are a Rogers customer, get on board and let us know how it feels to be unshackled from high cable prices. 


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