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iPhone 4S Battery Life Probably Low Because You Are Using It

November 4, 2011

With all the news recently about a small subset of people complaining loudly about the iPhone 4S battery life (and to a smaller extent all iPhones with iOS 5) Apple has come out and said a fix is in the works. But here is the deal. Every time a new iPhone comes out there are new features to play with. Either a new camera, a cool no high-res display and with the iPhone 4S, Siri. People are playing with Siri..A LOT. They ask it stupid questions like “Open the pod bay doors.” People are also testing out the features of asking legit questions and to set up tasks like calendar events and dictating emails. All of this usage, mostly because its new, is eating away at the battery. After a couple of weeks people will not be using it as much and hence their battery life will be better. Of course, this will be about the time that Apple releases the “fix” for the battery and other bugs. 


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