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Is Windows ME Making a Comeback?

October 12, 2011

I guess it is hard to have a comeback for a product that was never really adopted but I have seen it in my webpage logs along with Windows 2000. Seriously!!?

Windows ME was a huge flop and was quickly replaced by Windows XP in 2001. 

Features of Windows ME were:

Microsoft Windows ME
Windows Millennium Edition (ME) was the last OS built on the MS-DOS kernel. It was released in September, 2000, and added improved support for digital media through applications such as Image Acquisition, Movie Maker, and Windows Media Player. Image Acquisition was added to simplify downloading images from digital cameras. Movie Maker was included to ease editing and recording digital video media files. Media Player was used to organize and play music and video files. To enhance reliability, Windows ME added the system restore feature, which could be used to restore any deleted system files to fix problems. Another important feature was system file protection, which prevented important OS files from being changed by applications. Windows ME also included a new home networking wizard to make adding peripherals and computers to a home network easier.



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