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Steve Jobs in the Same Class as Edison, Ford?

October 11, 2011


There has been a lot of talk in the last week about what impact Steve Jobs has had in the Tech Industry. Opinions vary widely but is mostly based on the individual’s knowledge of Steve. People extremely familiar with Steve’s work lean towards the idea of him being a Genius in the likes of Edison and Ford while people less familiar may think he was just a guy who got lucky. 

When I think of Thomas Edison the first thing that comes to mind is the light bulb. When I think of Steve Jobs the first thing that comes to mind is the personal computer. Neither of these men actually created the first of their respective products but just as important as the original idea is taking that idea and turning it into something that actually works. Steve was able to take the unfinished ideas of personal computers, computer animation, portable music players, mobile phones, tables and digital media and turn them into something that people wanted to use. 

Many of the ways we interact with our computers, phones and other devices can be directly or indirectly contributed to Steve Jobs. His vision for simplicity and function can be seen in the NYT interactive article showing the 317 patents credited to Steve Jobs as an inventor. Some of the patents are very technical like the component diagram of an iPod while some are artistic like the design of a glass stair case in an Apple Retail Store.

Only time will tell what kind of an impact Jobs’ passing will have on Apple and the rest of the tech industry but it makes me wonder what else Steve Jobs could have given us had he lived another couple decades. 


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