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iPhone 4 VS iPhone 4S, Why the Disappointment?

October 11, 2011

When the iPhone 4S was announced last week people on the web were going nuts with disappointment. They claimed that the 4S is not worth the upgrade and Apple really dropped the ball. But what is it that they wanted?

Here is a list of what some rumors about the “iPhone 5” was supposed to have and what the iPhone 4S received.

Rumors of iPhone 5:


  • Bigger Screen
  • Different Design
  • A5 Dual-core Processor
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • Siri Voice Control
  • 1 GB or RAM


Here is what the iPhone 4S received:


  • A5 Dual-core Processor
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • Siri Voice Control
  • Redesigned Antenna


So, it looks like the iPhone 4S received the major performance bullet points that people were hoping for. There are a couple things missing from the iPhone 5 rumors so here are my thoughts on those. 


  • 1 GB of RAM – If apple thought it was necessary they would have increased the RAM. Apple optimizes the software on the iPhone to work fluidly and consistently without taking a hit on battery life.

    Some other phone manufacturers like to advertise that they use XX ammount of RAM just to make people think it is better where Apple does not mention the amount of RAM anywhere. Actually, the other manufacturers need to include that much memory because the operating system and applications do not manage their resources properly and need to fall back on more memory. This is only a temporary solution and will need to be fixed in the future. 

  • Bigger screen and different design – Apple, for whatever reason, has decided that the best screen size is 3.5 inches. Some manufacturers have 4 or 4.5 inch screens or larger just to try and differentiate themselves. The size of the screen only counts for so much and the quality of the screen counts for the rest.

    Apple introduced the retina display for the iPhone 4 last year and gave us a screen that is so crisp and clear that it is like looking at a page in a high end magazine. There are no pixels to be see with the naked eye. 16 months later no other phone maker has been able to match the quality of the iPhone 4 screen.

    The teardrop design that some sites reported on may be a potential design for the future but has no affect on the usability or performance of the phone. The iPhone 4 is still the best looking phone sold today so why is the iPhone 4S a disappointment? 


Bottom Line, the iPhone 4S has sold over a million units in the first 24 hours of pre-sale so the iPhone 4S can’t be that big of a disappointment. 


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