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Every Apple Product I have Owned, Part 3 – iDevices

October 10, 2011

When the iPod was released in 2001, no one could have predicted the success that would follow. A revolutionary new design for an MP3 player with easy to use scrolling that would ignite a major change in the music industry. In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone which was the wide-screen iPod that people had been clamoring for and so much more. The iPhone offered an awesome user interface with a responsive touch screen that actually worked and a full web browser. The iPad built onto the iPhone and offered an even better user experience for fully touch enabled applications that make the user feel like they can really interact with it. 

Below is a list of the iDevices I have owned in the past. 



The Original iPod

My parents surprise me with this for my birthday in 2001. I was a little under whelmed when the product was announced and didnt see any reason to spend $400 for this device when I already had a Creative Zen MP3 player that played MP3 CDs. 

The iPod had a 5 GB hard drive and could hold “up to” 1000 songs. The scroll wheel was a piece of plastic that spun around when you moved it unlike later models that used a surface similar to a track pad on a laptop. 

iTunes did not have a music store at the time so you had to either rip your own or download from other sources. 

I used this iPod until 2005 with multiple adapters and RF transmitters. 





4th Generation iPod

This 4th Gen iPod had a 20 GB hard drive and held around 5000 songs. It had a much better screen than my first iPod with better back lighting. 

This iPod was the first full size iPod to have a click wheel which meant it did not have buttons above the scroll wheel like previous versions. You just clicked on the scroll wheel. 

This iPod could play games like breakout and blackjack. 

I actually had 2 of these. I kept one in my truck tied to my stereo and one connected to my drum sound system. 





2nd Gen iPod Nano

I bought the pink one for my wife for Christmas as a workout buddy. She used it until 2010 when I sent it through the washing machine. 

I purchased the 2GB version which held about 500 songs. 

This iPod had a nice color screen and click wheel. 






2ng Gen iPod Shuffle

This iPod Shuffle was a 1GB music player that was perfect for working out. It weighted almost nothing and clipped onto anything I wore. 

With no screen you could only play randomly or straight through your playlist. 










The release of the iPhone in 2007 changed everything we knew about mobile phones. It offered an amazing user interface with great built in applications and full featured web browser. 

It was a 2G only phone that sold for $500 for a 4GB version. 

This was a hugely expensive switch for my wife and me. We canceled 3 Sprint contracts and bought two 4GB phones.

iPhone 3G

With the new iPhone 3G came the new App Store that offered the purchase of third party applications. 

The web apps that Apple was pushing up until this point were good but users wanted native applications that they could use offline. 

The iPhone 3G was essentially the same as the original iPhone with the addition of a 3G antenna and a new case design. 

I wanted to have something different so I purchased the white iPhone and people made fun of me for having the white version. When Apple sold the White iPhone 4 a lot of people wanted it so I don’t get what the problem was. 



iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was a huge improvement over the iPhone 3G and less so over the iPhone 3GS. It offered a great 5 mega pixel camera and a beautiful high resolution retina display that competitors still cant match 16 months later. 

The design raised criticism because of its exterior antenna that sometimes could cause signal degredation when “Held Wrong.”

This iPhone used the new Apple A4 processor built in-house by Apple engineers for better performance and lower power usage. 



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