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Every Apple Product I have Owned, Part 1 – 68k to Power PC

October 10, 2011

With the untimely passing of Steve Jobs last week I started to think about all the Apple products I have owned in the past. When I was growing up and using Apple IIs in elementary school I wanted so badly to have my own computer at home. When I went to middle school, I took every possible computer class from typing to classes that taught Hyper Card.

My family could not afford to buy a computer and most of my family could not see the use of having one. I finally got to use a computer full time when my Mother married my Stepfather and he let me use his Macintosh Color Classic II. From that moment on, I was on there every chance I had to try and learn everything about it and that continues today. 

Below is a list of all the products i have owned by Apple from 68k processors to Power PC G5.

 The Macintosh Color Classic II 9″

This Beast had an 80 MB hard drive, 4 MB of RAM and a 33Mhz processor. I purchased an Iomega 100 MB scsi ZIP drive for extra storage. I upgraded the RAM to 20 MB by mail-order through MacMall. I begged my parents for a 33.6 kbps external modem for Christmas to run AOL 2.3.

I played a game called Maelstrom, A Lot. I would use some of my lunch hour at school to use the library computers to download software from onto a floppy drive for use on my Color Classic. 







Power Macintosh G3

My Junior year in High School I was able to convince my Grandfather to loan me $2500 for a new computer. He gave me an interest free loan with a $100 per month payback term. 

The PowerMac G3 mini tower ran at 233Mhz, had 32 MB of ram and a 4 GB hard drive. This was a huge upgrade from the color classic and allowed me to play the game Myst which was a really cool 3D game where you walk around these amazing levels and solve puzzles. 

This computer was my first foray into questionably legal software with the use of Hotline Server and eventually Napster. 

I signed up for cable internet from Cox and nothing could stop me from surfing the web at all hours of the night. 

Using an online How-To I learned how to over-clock this from 233Mhz to 266Mhz by shorting 2 jumpers on the motherboard with some shielding from a coax cable. 

I purchased an additional 8 GB Maxtor hard drive for $400 from MacMall. 


iMac G3 DV SE – Graphite 15″

My first transaction on Ebay was to sell my G3 tower after I purchased the iMac G3 DV SE in the Graphite color. I purchased this using the Apple Financing at a crazy 22% interest soon after I turned 18. 

This guy ran at 500Mhz with 128MB of RAM and a 30 GB hard drive. I wanted to get the Special Edition Digital Video version because I did not like the colors of the other models and it had a DVD drive. 

This iMac had great sound with built-in Harmon-Kardon Speakers.






iMac G4 Flat Screen 17″

This was and still is my favorite design of the iMac line. The screen would tilt and swirl and change to any direction you wanted. 

This had a 1Ghz processor, 256Mb of RAM and an 80Gb hard drive. 

I used this computer with Garage Band to record my friends guitar. 

This computer was easy to upgrade the RAM by removing 4 screws on the bottom. 








Aluminum PowerBook G4 12″

I wanted an aluminum Apple Laptop so I couldn’t get the plastic iBook and the only PowerBook I could afford was the 12″. 

This little guy rocked a 1.33 Ghz Power PC G4, 256 Mb of RAM and a 60 GB drive. 

I Hooked this up to a 17″ HP monitor on my desk and recorded my drums with it.

When I was in Turkey with the Air Force, I spent many off-hours borrowing DVDs from the Library and burning copies. 




<– My 12″ PowerBook set up for recording drums. 











 Power Macintosh G5

I longed for the speedy G5 chip so I bought this Dual Processor (not dual core, 2 completely separate processors) 1.8Ghz machine off of eBay. It came with 256mb of RAM and an 80Gb hard drive and weighed a TON (45 Lbs).

This thing sounded like an airplane when starting up. When those fans hit full speed you knew you were doing something awesome. 









Every Apple Product I have Owned, Part 2 – Intel 

Every Apple Product I have Owned, Part 3 – iDevices 


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