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Raise Your Hands if You Want App Store Rentals!

October 3, 2011

Reports show that the possibility of App Store Rentals could be coming. 

The idea of App Store rentals is not something that I have thought about in the past but makes a lot of sense. The are so many great applications available for download that I will never get to see because of a high price. Many apps have functions that I need quickly but may only use once or twice and app rentals would be perfect. 

Picture this, you are about to travel to a foreign country and there is a great English to InsertLanguageHere dictionary for iPhone with every possible feature but it costs $20. Well, I might only need this application for the next week and don’t want to spend that much money. If I had the option for a $2 a week rental that would be perfect for the trip.

As with anything Apple may be working on, it does not mean it will be released anytime soon, or at all, but I can dream. 


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