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What We May See at the Apple Event on October 4th

September 28, 2011

Apple finally sent out invites to the Fall Apple Announcement on October 4th with a picture that depicts iPhone icons with a calendar, clock, map and a phone icon. The invite simply reads “Lets talk iPhone.”

We know we will see an updated iPhone at this October event because is has been  15 months since the release of the iPhone 4, the best selling handset ever. We will also see updates to iPods and probably iTunes as that is traditionally what the Fall Apple Events are for. Below is a list of what I would like to see and what I think we will see. 

What I would LIKE to see:

  • Re-designed iPhone with an internal antenna, larger screen, A5 processor, 1 GB ram and the name “iPhone 5.”
  • iOS 5 with speech to text service through out the entire OS using the Suri technology that Apple acquired and available with at least the iPhone 4 if not the 3GS.
  • An Updated Apple TV with an A5 processor and 1080p playback.
  • A completely re-designed iTunes from the ground up with a new user interface, a more robust database system to help with LARGE libraries and folder watching ability for iTunes media.
  • A completely re-designed iTunes Store that makes it easier to find what you want a out of Music, Movies, TV Shows and Apps. 
  • And my dream pick – Streaming, streaming, streaming of Music, movies and TV shows with a low subscription rate. 


What I think we WILL see:

  • A slightly modified iPhone 4 with an 8MP camera and A5 Processor (insert iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 here).
  • New features of iOS 5 that we have not seen yet, including voice control that will only be compatible with the new iPhone. 
  • A slightly modified iTunes UI with yet another item on the cluttered left hand bar for iTunes Match. 
  • A more confusing iTunes Store layout.
  • The iPod Classic will finally be discontinued after it did not get updated last year. 
  • The iPod nano and shuffle will get slight design changes. 
  • Some kind of iTunes Media announcement that adds more content or features. 

Of course, Apple has been known to completely surprise and surpass expectations but also have had their disappointing announcements. Whatever it is, people will be glued to their computer screens and watching blogs to find out what they have to say. 


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