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Amazon Lights a Fire Under Other Tablet Makers

September 28, 2011

Amazon today released updated Kindle e-readers now starting at $79 and the new Kindle Fire tablet with tie-ins to Amazon’s cloud and media services. 

The new Kindles include updated e-ink displays and two touch screen models. The high end Kindle Touch has FREE 3G for life that allows you to download books in over 100 countries. 

The new Kindle Fire tablet is based off of Android 2.x but looks, acts and feels nothing like it. The Fire is completely integrated with Amazon’s Music and video download services, cloud lockers and Amazon Prime for streaming media. The Fire also connects with Kindle Books (surprise) and many magazines are on board to offer subscriptions. Any must have apps for the device are also sold through the Amazon Android App Store. 

The interface is like nothing seen before on other tablets. It is so well branded with Amazon products that you can not tell it is Android based which is a good thing considering how lousy Android tablet sales have been. 

One of the most amazing features of the Amazon Kindle Fire is its price. At $199 this is really going to be a HUGE competitor to the iPad and will hopefully push Apple in the right direction. 


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