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Using PhotoSync on Computer and iOS to Bypass iCloud’s iPhoto Requirement

September 8, 2011

With the upcoming release of Apple’s iOS 5 and iCloud, there is a new feature included called Photo Stream which automatically syncs photos you have taken with your iOS device and syncs them to your computer. This is a great feature and something I have wanted for a while but for syncing to the Mac you must use the newest version of iPhoto. 

I was an iPhoto user for a long time but have since switched to using Picasa for my photo storage and organization and was looking for something to allow me to wirelessly transfer the photos from my iPhone 4 to my MacBook Pro and came across PhotoSync.

PhotoSync allows me to transfer full-size photos and videos from my iPhone to a folder on my Mac which I can then import into Picasa. The app is $1.99 on the App Store for iOS and the Mac companion application is free on the Mac App Store. 

To use PhotoSync, we must first take a picture using the iPhone’s camera then we open the PhotoSync app. Inside the app, we can see all the photos in our camera roll and to sync to the computer we hit the red sync button on the top right. 

Multiple sync options are displayed including the ability to sync all or just sync the new pictures that have not been synced yet. 

When I click “Sync All” I then get the option to sync to my computer or send to another iOS device or Dropbox. 

I have already setup my MacBook Pro and since I am on the same network I see it as an option. After tapping my computer the sync starts. 

When the transfer is complete, the sync folder on my Mac automatically opens and we can see the transferred pictures.

There are many options available to users including having the Mac application show in the Dock or the Menu bar. 


  • Simple transfer
    Just select, choose target and you’re done. No need to be in front of your computer or entering IP-addresses! Sending will continue in the background – even if you receive phone calls or are playing your favorite games.
  • No limitations
    One or thousands of photos/videos from your last trip – you can transfer them all at once.
  • Smart
    PhotoSync keeps track of your actions and notes which photos/videos have already been transferred from your camera roll.
  • Quick Transfer Mode
    Quick Transfer is the ultimate time saver! Quick Transfer allows you to set a default computer (or other service) in the settings and then just transfer all new/selected pictures to this default computer/service by pressing and holding the sync button. 
  • Direct exchange between iPhone and iPad
    Buy once and use PhotoSync on all your iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. PhotoSync is optimized for direct transfer between your devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – no computer needed!
  • Direct import into Aperture & iPhoto / Sending by drag & drop (Mac)
    Download the free PhotoSync companion software for your Mac. Drag photos/videos onto the PhotoSync icon and they are transferred to your device in seconds – without iTunes.
  • Access by Web-Browser
    Wi-Fi access to your photos/videos wherever you are – from any computer on the same Wi-Fi network by just opening a web-browser! View your photos on a big screen, download selected photos/videos or upload photos/videos to your device – a great feature when at friends!
  • Share on the go – Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, SmugMug & FTP
    Show your photos/videos to friends, family and the world by uploading them to Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa and SmugMug.
    You are saving your photos/videos on a NAS-Device? No problem – you can use the FTP feature of PhotoSync to upload your photos/videos to your NAS-Device.
  • Quicklook mode
    Click on the “eye-icon” and view all your photos/videos directly in the app – no need to quit it!

    PhotoSync works with Mac OS or Windows and can be downloaded HERE.




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