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The Amazon Tablet Has Been Spotted in the Wild, Played With

September 5, 2011

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MG Siegler over at Tech Crunch has posted a first-hand account of his experience seeing and playing with the Amazon Kindle Tablet. He says the tablet looks similar to the BlackBerry Playbook, is 7 inches and will cost $250. 

The most interesting thing about this upcoming Amazon Kindle tablet is that it is running a fork of Android. This will not look like any android device we have see so far. The Android source code is open source for anyone to play with and modify to fit their needs and it looks like Amazon has done just that.

The interface is all Amazon and Kindle. It’s black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange. The main screen is a carousel that looks like Cover Flow in iTunes which displays all the content you have on the device. This includes books, apps, movies, etc. Below the main carousel is a dock to pin your favorite items in one easy-to-access place. When you turn the device horizontally, the dock disappears below the fold.

Above the dock is the status bar (time, battery, etc) and this doubles as a notification tray. When apps have updates, or when new subscriptions are ready for you to view, they appear here. The top bar shows “YOUR NAME’s Kindle” and then the number of notifications you have in bright orange. It looks quite nice.

There are no physical buttons on the surface of the device. You bring up a lower navigation menu by tapping the screen once. This can take you back home, etc.

This fork of Android mean that Amazon can tightly integrate its own ecosystem without worrying about the official Google Android experience required to get the official Gmail app and Marketplace. Amazon already has its own Android store for applications and its own music/movie/tv show download service. 


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