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Preview of iTunes in the Cloud’s iTunes Match Service, Part 1

August 30, 2011


I probably have a pretty standard collection of music consisting of around 4400 songs of both purchased and ripped music. This should be a good test-bed for iTunes Match.  

To setup iTunes Match using the new iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1, select the iTunes Match item on the left hand column of iTunes and click subscribe. 

A dialog box will pop up asking for your iTunes username and password. 

iTunes will then scan your library and tell the iTunes servers what you have. 


iTunes then starts to match the songs you have to what Apple has on its iTunes servers. This step seemed to stall at the beginning for about 15 minutes before the progress bar moved straight to 817 songs checked.  


Something happened during the process and I was given an error. The process seemed to stop and I was shown Loading “iCloud Library” at the top. I had to stop the process and start over. 

Remember, this is beta for developer testing only and bugs should be expected right now.

After the process ran through again, I was able to get to step 3.

Be back with Part 2, in a bit. 


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