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Will Apple Lose Its Grip? No, But Maybe Fox News Has

August 17, 2011

Photo credited to joobworld.comFox News has an article by John R. Quain claiming that Apple has “Bit off more than it can Chew” in regards to promoting HTML5 over Flash and that the result will be a huge loss for Apple. He bases this claim off of the fact that Amazon has created an HTML5 based web version of the Kindle reader that is probably in response to Apple’s decision to require anything sold through the App Store to use Apple’s In-App purchases which gives Apple a 30% cut. 

There are a couple problems with his article. First, when Apple first released the iPhone back in 2007 there was no App Store. Apple wanted everything to be done through the browser. They gave developers a software development kit and guide for creating web applications that worked great on the iPhone. Users and developers wanted native applications to take advantage of the iPhone’s power so Apple released the App Store in 2008. The App Store has been a huge hit providing applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, selling over 15 Billion apps. 

Second, Apple has never made much money on the App Store. The App Store is a value added service that Apple offers to users who buy their products. They make a little more money than is needed to provide the infrastructure for developers to sell and users to get apps. If HTML5 was to take over and the App Store was suddenly not used I think Apple would care very little as long as they are still selling killer hardware that can take advantage of the HTML5 pages.

I don’t think that Apple’s App Store, the Android Market or Windows Phone 7’s Marketplace are going anywhere. Some things work best built native for a device and some things work well as an HMTL5 web page that all devices can take advantage of. HTML5 is a great step toward universal web applications but it will be a while before they can surpass the abilities of native apps. 


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