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I Say NO WAY Will Apple Use ARM Processors In Future Macs

August 12, 2011

A lot of rumbling today about a WSJ article claiming that Apple had threatened Intel to lower its power consumption for chips or risk losing Apple as a customer. This has been leading to more speculation about Apple using future ARM based chips, like the speculated future Apple A6, in future Mac computers. The MacBook Airs would be the most likely platform for something like this to occur considering its almost iPad like size, but, I say NO WAY.

My reasoning for this is to look at the recently released MacBook Airs. They received an awesome update to the new Core series processors that are extremely fast. There is no way Apple would sacrifice all that processing speed for a little power savings. Sure, in the future the ARM based chips will get faster but so will desktop and laptop processors that will probably always outpace the ARM based mobile device processors. 

People still want their desktop and laptop computers to act like desktop and laptop computers. The mobile devices and tablets like the iPad just cant accomplish the same amount of productivity. The idea of merging the two together just does not make sense to me. 


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