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Lion Tweaks Gets Rid of Some of Those Annoying Lion “Features”

August 10, 2011

The new application called Lion Tweaks can help you get rid of some of the new “features” of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. In my review, I complained about some of the issues I had with Lion and my later post about switching back to Snow Leopard. With Lion Tweaks I am a bit closer to the day when I will upgrade back up to Lion. 

As I complained about in my review, Lion includes an address book and calendar that are made to look like leather bound items. My problem with this is that we have moved beyond traditional paper based event planners to a new high tech world. Why would I want my computer applications to look outdated? Lion Tweaks corrects this ugly interface and gives a more modern look to these applications. 

Lion Tweaks can also remove unneeded animations from applications, change the dock, disable the disabling of the repeating keys and much more. 


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