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My Problems with Mac OS X Lion

August 6, 2011

Photo credited to techcedo.comSo, it has been a while since I started using the Lion GM and In my review I was pretty harsh in stating what was wrong with it. Today I am announcing that I am in the process of backing up and moving back to Snow Leopard…for now. Why, you ask? Because while writing this first paragraph, my browser has crashed twice!

Here are my current issues with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion:


  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection – frequently will open to a blank screen and not connect to my remote machines. When It does connect I lose connection after an undetermined amount of time. ***Check Update Below for More Information***
  • iMovie – Crashes while editing video. Crashes while sitting idle.
  • Chrome/Safari – Tabs are constantly crashing for no apparent reason. 
  • Kindle – Does not update with its Whisper Sync to update to where I left off reading on another device.
  • Skype – Runs at an egregious 90% processing power when idle. This may be an issue with Skype 5 for Mac that also occurs on Snow Leopard, so I will have to test this. 
  • Slow network transfer speeds – I am backing up my files via gigabit ethernet to a pc and I cant seem to get over 30 MBps. With Snow Leopard I am able to acheive 65-70 MBps transfer speeds. 
  • Slow Firewire 800 – My firewire 800 drive maxes out at around 28 MBps with Lion compared to 60 MBps with Snow Leopard.


Here are the things I like and use with Lion right now:


  • Full Disk Encryption – File Vault 2 makes encrypting your boot disk very easy. I also encrypted my secondary disk using the instructions from the Ars Technica review. 
  • 3 Pane Email – The new Mail application in Lion finally has a three pane side-by-side view.


Looking at this list, it is a little one sided for me…for now. I say “for now” because Lion will soon have features that i can not use in Snow Leopard (like iCloud document syncing), third party applications will be updated to fully support Lion in the coming months and Apple will have bug fixes and updates for Lion. But for right now, Lion is a little unstable for my needs and I need to revert to Snow Leopard. But don’t worry, I have made my Lion Recovery Disk and am ready to switch back to Lion when the time comes.



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