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RIM Announces Three New Blackberrys…Three People Care

August 4, 2011

RIM launched three new phones today with the new OS7, but who cares? Rim has lost all confidence in the smart phone market because they downplayed the threats from Apple and Google and did not make the course corrections necessary to compete in today’s market. Reviews of the devices are generally positive but they all say that it looks  just like the previous Blackberry OS so there is nothing revolutionary or jaw dropping. For those who care, the new Blackberry models are the Torch 9810, Torch 9860 and Bold 9900.

On a side note, how is it that 4 years after the original iPhone shipped that some companies still can not get the touch screen right?

The screen responded easily and effortlessly to touches, but there was a big issue here: I found it to be really inaccurate on both the devices I tried, making hitting links on web pages and using the redesigned on-screen keyboard a laborious (if not impossible) task.

Does anyone remember the “iPhone Killers” that had come out over the years including the Samsung Instinct and the Blackberry Storm? These devices were like toys that were not responsive to touch and the user experience suffered because of it. 


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