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Backup Your and a Friend’s Computer for Free with CrashPlan

August 2, 2011

Hard drives die, computers get stolen, natural disasters happen. So what do you do to get back your decade or more of digital family pictures, music and documents? Well, if you do not have a backup than you are out of luck and if you only backup to a USB device or other in-home (or office) device than that may still not be enough. 

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can use CrashPlan to backup your computer to an offsite location for greater protection while allowing your friend or family member to do the same. 

CrashPlan is a great piece of backup software that offers the ability to backup to a local USB drive, another internal disk, to their online servers or to a friends computer. It is easy to get setup and works across Mac, Windows and different Linux variations. And best of all, it is free for most uses. If you are a business or want to backup to CrashPlan’s online servers than there are costs associated with that. 

The way CrashPlan works is you and a friend each setup CrashPlan on your computers with your own accounts. Using the CrashPlan application you can enter your friend’s backup code and that will create a connection between your two computers allowing you to start backing up to your friend’s computer and vice versa. 

The best backup solution is having multiple backups. The first line of defense should be a local backup using something like Time Machine on the Mac, Windows Backup on Windows or even CrashPlan to an external hard drive. The second line of defense should be one or more off-site backups. This can be to a friends computer, as discussed in the video, or to an online service like CrashPlan+. 

CrashPlan’s CrashPlan+ service is a very cosy affective way to backup all of your computers. They have packages as low as $6 per month that allow unlimited backups for up to 10 computers. This is much better than competitors like Carbonite which charges $59 per year for each computer. 


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