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The Importance of Tablet Designed Webpages

July 28, 2011

Macnn is reporting that Google is currently testing an iPad formatted search page. 

To cope with the limitations of tablets, content has been funneled into a single column. Sidebar options have been moved under the search field, and the “Goooooooooogle” text at the bottom of the site now just shows page numbers from one to 10.

 Why does this matter? 

Tablets are selling in huge numbers these days, unlike the decade of Microsoft-based tablets that most people did not know existed. Apple announced in June of this year that they had sold over 25 million iPads in the 14 months they were available with no signs of stopping. Many people are electing to keep their aging PC longer and getting a tablet instead, as they can perform most functions that previously required a desktop or laptop. 

This redesign of the search page is important because no matter how good a tablet is at rendering a full webpage, the experience is always better on a natively formatted page. The redesign does not apply when desktop computers and laptops access the site, as they still use the mouse and keyboard as their primary input devices. The touch screens on tablets are for big, fat fingers that need easy-to-tap buttons to efficiently work with the interface. 

 As iPads, HP TouchPads, Rim Playbooks and Android-based tablets continue to grow, companies like Google are realizing that webpages are no longer a one-size-fits-all and creating a better experience for its users. 


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