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Does Your MacBook Battery Have A Virus?

July 23, 2011

NO, but it is theoretically possible says a report from security researcher Charlie Miller on Forbes. Continuing our articles on MacBook batteries this week (here and here), modern batteries actually have their own processors and firmware to control things like when to stop charging, report the status back to the computer and control temperature. 

Miller states that potential hacks could include sending incorrect battery information to the system, causing the batter to brick and become a dud, cause the battery to overheat or even possibly installing malware on the battery that can infect the system. This would be hard to troubleshoot because even after wiping a hard drive, the battery could then re-infect the system. 

Don’t worry, though, as Miller has sent the information on to Apple and we can assume there will be a security fix in a future software update. 


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