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What Will Apple Buy With $76.2 Billion Dollars?

July 22, 2011

Photo credited to channelsignal.comWith Apple reporting to have $76.2 billion dollars in cash reserves, the question about what they will do with it gets thrown around. Rumors rose yesterday about the possibility of Apple bidding to purchase Hulu. There have been other rumors in the past and I have some ideas on how they could use it. 

During a shareholder’s meeting in February of 2010, investors asked if they would consider a stock buy back with their then $40 billion reserves. Jobs played down the notion saying that it basically was not worth it and would have little affect on the stock price. Steve Jobs further explained that they like to have a big pile of money to just write a check when they want something rather than to borrow money. This has proven true in the past with purchases like PA Semi and LaLa, but neither of those were very big. Apple must be waiting to make a big purchase, but for what?

My ideas:

Buy all the movie studios and music labels so they dont have to fight anyone for rights to sell.

Buy Microsoft just for the bragging rights.

Buy ARM so that Apple can charge every other mobil device maker a premium.

Buy Intel so that Apple can charge every other PC maker a premium.

Buy Sony to instantly have an assortment of consumer electronics to integrate with iTunes.

Buy Hulu for the streaming rights to most network shows.

Buy Twitter because Ping is lonely. 


The most interesting idea I have heard is that Apple could buy Netflix. Netflix has had unstoppable growth in the last few years and they keep getting better. Netflix is integrated into many home theater componants like Blu-Ray players, Roku boxes, DVRs, DVD players, Apple TV and more. The streaming service is much more developed than Hulu’s and Apple has thus far failed at providing video content to the masses through iTunes and the Apple TV. 


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