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Google Browser Toolbars Going Away? Say it Ain’t So!

July 22, 2011

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Engadget is reporting that along with Google Labs getting the G-Ax, Google Toolbar for FireFox is lining up with it. If there is one more thing the Internet needs, it is less stupid, redundant, browser-crashing toolbars.

Seriously, why do people install toolbars on their browsers? I work in Vietnam and am constantly getting complaints from users about the browsers crashing and webpages loading incredibly slow. What is the point of installing Yahoo and Google and MSN and Skype toolbars when you can just go to the website or open the application you already have installed. If you have the chat application, why do you need to toolbar? Each toolbar wants to see what you doing and analyze it for data it can use. That is like having 5 people reading over your shoulder before you get to see the screen. 


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